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A team of experts with extensive experience managing renewals and annuities at an international level.


In the global marketplace, millions of patents and trademarks need to be renewed every year. It requires a reliable partner who can handle them cost-efficiently. UNGRIA offers a single point of contact to proceed with these payments in any jurisdiction in the world.

UNGRIA INTERNATIONAL also offers the possibility to help you manage your portfolio of patent annuity payments and trademark renewals using your docketing system. Today, many software platforms offer computerized means to handle these payments. However, using them still requires some expert resources. UNGRIA has a team with extensive experience, capable of using today’s trademark renewals or patent annuity systems with the systems.

“We have participated in the management of more than 125,000 patents and 500,000 trademarks”.


We offer one single point of contact for managing your patent annuity payments and your trademark renewals on a worldwide basis.

We can manage your trademark renewals and annuity payments with our network of preferred associates, selected based on reliability and quality of service.

Our IP specialists can also process and docket the deadlines and actions from your international portfolio and will keep and update your docketing system. We can also help you with the preparation of memos and will follow up the accomplishment of the corresponding actions.

Our IP specialists have extensive experience managing IP rights at an international level.


We take the administrative burden from you so that you can focus on the more substantive and strategic work resulting from your IP portfolio.

Our capacity to handle this volume of applications results in competitive prices from our strong network of local associates.

We are based in the NY metropolitan area. Your data is kept secure and confidential within the USA.

We offer flexibility to adjust to your terms of invoicing.