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A legacy of more than 125 years handling IP matters in virtually every office in the world.


One of the most time consuming tasks in maintaining an international IP portfolio is the registration of new data with the corresponding local patent and trademark offices as a consequence of a change in the ownership, name or address of the holder of the right. Such recordals usually need to be done in a certain and, quite frequently, short period of time. Consequently, partnering with the right expert is crucial. If you do not succeed or do not have the portfolio properly recorded, problems may arise in the enforcement or maintaining of the corresponding IP rights.

“Ungria has participated in the management of more than 125,000 patents and 500,000 trademarks”.


UNGRIA offers you an experienced team of people managing IP recordals at an international level, who may work as a single point of contact to coordinate IP recordals on a worldwide basis.

We handle the administrative work and are flexible to adjust our timing, cost structure and communications to our client’s needs. We will inform you of the formal requirements in any jurisdiction and will gather all documentation needed to proceed with the corresponding recordals. Once the registration is done, we will monitor its completion in each country and will send you the corresponding report in each jurisdiction.

We will maintain our own records so that, upon request, a report on the completion process can be provided.

Our IP professionals have extensive experience in managing IP matters at an international level.


Our global reach entitles us to react quickly and coordinate efficiently the different tasks to be performed.

Our experience results in streamlined processes adjusted to the formalities of the corresponding jurisdictions.

Our intervention confers the possibility of enjoying discounts per volume.

We offer transparency. A reliable estimation of costs is offered quickly, so that you can accurately prepare a budget for the project.